Green Jasperware Lamp

green jasperware lamp


Jasperware is generally considered synonymous with Wedgwood, however there were many potteries in England, on the continent and in N. America that also produced such wares. This lamp is unmarked in any visible location (ceramic lamps are frequently marked on the inside of the ceramic pieces which would require disassembly) so we'll have to conclude for the moment that it is by an unknown maker.

It has 2 ceramic elements both showing classical scenes. They are separated by a gold-coloured metal transition piece. The base is also gold colored metal.

The lamp measures 11 1/2" to the base of the socket and approx 20" to the top of the harp.

It comes without a shade. We have a number you could choose from starting at $5 or you can go out a find one elsewhere.

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$75.00 - SOLD

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