About Us

The proprietors, Doug and Susann Anderson, have lived in this house since they were married in 1974. We have been collecting for more than 40 years and the collection has overrun the house. Both of us are now retired and it is time to down-size.

This is a part time venture and somewhat experimental. The hours will vary, so check this website before you venture out. Or better still, fill in the contact form on the right and we will email you our hours as they change. We will also include information about specials or featured items or other useful tidbits.

Doug and Susann met as employees at the Dr. J.O. Ruddy Hospital where they both worked in the 70s and early 80s. Subsequently they owned and published the Whitby Free Press for 10 years.

Doug is an avid environmentalist and has been a Green Party candidate a couple of times.