The House

This house was built in many stages. The oldest part (the set back portion to the south) was built around 1830, making it one of the oldest remaining structures in Whitby.

It started out as a single story shack; then a 2nd storey was added. Then a couple of rooms were added on the back, followed in the 1870s by a major 2-storey addition which prominently juts forward on the North side of the house.  More recently, after we acquired it, we put a full basement under it and added onto the back and south.

Before we purchased it, it had been used for many years as a rooming house and was split up into small units and generally abused. We have gutted it, but have kept as much of the original detail as was left and could be restored. To complement this we have added rescued pieces (doors, trim, etc.) from other old buildings which were being demolished.

This is a large house and our intention from the beginning has been to convert it into 3 separate heritage apartment units. The sale area is self-contained in one of these and when we have down-sized our collection sufficiently, it will become an apartment.