What we have

Like many people we are collectors. We have tools, tins, toys, ceramics, glass, art, wood carvings, furniture, lamps (both electric and kerosene), kitchenware, and lots of books.

What you see in the pictures here is just a tiny taste of what we have. In fact, even those things we have on display are only about a tenth of it.

You'll find us a great source for unique gifts. Some people think of antiques as old and dusty, but many of our items were purchased 30, 50, even 80 or more years ago as cherished gifts for special friends, or kept as personal treasures. They have been sitting in china cabinets or on mantels and have already been admired for decades. To all intents and purposes, they are still new, and these unique, one of a kind treasures should be admired and enjoyed by new generations. Some of these items still have the original tags on them.

We also have a great selection for 'collectors' - everybody collects something, and what we have covers many categories.

We also have furniture and 'smalls' to help you create your desired 'look' or decor - whether you want country, retro, Victorian, or art deco.

In addition we have many items which are still functional objects. Craftspeople used to make household items and tools that would last a lifetime and more - you can still use these and and you may find that they work better than the new stuff.