Royal Venton Lustreware

This biscuit barrel has the highest pedigree. It bears the signature and logo of Harold Holdcroft, one of the great ceramic designers of the 20th century.

Holdcroft is best known for his 40-year stint as Art Director at Royal Albert and is credited with the design of the popular Old Country Roses pattern. However long before that, while still in his early twenties, he was the chief designer at the Burslem School of Art where such notables as Clarice Cliff and Suzie Cooper got their start. He left there in 1929 to work for J. Steventon & son in Burslem which was assembling a very talented team of top-notch designers including Gladys Scarlett and Francis (Van) Phillips. Together thay produced signed art pottery pieces in the Royal Venton Ware line.

This pot can be accurately dated to the 1929 - 1933 period because Holdcroft left Steventon in 1933 to join J.C. Wild, the parent of Royal Albert.

For other examples of Holdcroft's work at Steventon, go to

It measures 4 3/4" across and 5 1/2" high. It probably had a silver lid originally.

It is a superb rare example of the early work of one of Britain's great ceramic designers, starting at a very reasonable price.

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